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Mon but lors de la création de la Société en 2000 était de me servir d’une expérience acquise sur des marchés que je connaissais bien depuis 10 ans pour trouver des partenaires de choix me permettant de proposer des solutions intéressantes et d'assoir une notoriété rapide dans notre secteur d'activité.
Des partenariats se sont rapidement mis en place avec des fabricants leaders sur nos marchés de biens d’équipements pour l'industrie du papier, des films plastique et autres matériaux flexibles.
Ces partenariats ont coulé les fondations solides de BOBINOV. Nous avons progressivement élargi le panel des solutions proposées à notre clientèle.
Depuis le début de notre activité je mise sur la qualité, la fiabilité et la performance des solutions que nous proposons.
Le choix des partenaires et équipements de qualité fut gagnant car nous avons désormais une véritable assise technique, commerciale et financière sur des marchés pourtant difficiles.
Alors que les défaillances d'entreprises se multiplient dans cette période compliquée, notre bonne santé publiée est la meilleure garantie que notre équipe expérimentée peut donner à nos clients et partenaires d'être là pour eux dans les années à venir.
Nous envisageons l’avenir avec sérénité avec vous.


BOBINOV is specialized in the supply of equipments for the production and processing of soft and flexible materials.

Our machines, components and accessories are dedicated to a diverse range of industries including  : paper, cardboard, plastic films, non woven, rubber, textile, metallic  foils, printing.

Most of our activity takes places where industries use reels of flexible materials. However we are also involved in alternative markets and thus can provide solutions to such issues as static electricity, measurement of varnish thickness, coating and even cutting by industrial blades.

BOBINOV was founded in 2000 and since then we’re active on the whole French market.  At the forefront of innovation, we are steadily developing the range of technical solutions and/or new products to adapt to customers needs.

We are known for our capacity in providing reliable solutions with high quality equipments. We cooperate in such way with selected and recognized leading companies in their area of expertise in order to offer tailor-made solutions or standard equipments.

We equip new machines and upgrade existing machines to enhance productivity, cost savings and quality.

Our head office is located in the surroundings of Compiègne, North of the Paris region and 35 minutes away from the Charles De Gaulle airport and its TGV railway station serving all French areas.  The whole BOBINOV team, sales engineers, as well as our agents or distributors throughout the different regions of France are at your disposal.  We have consignment stocks either next to customer’s units or available at our sales representatives’ warehouses.

In 2011 BOBINOV has expanded its activity linked to the textile industry and the rollers and cylinders covering, with the acquisition of the FERITEX company located in Tarare, near the city of Lyon. At this time we kept on working with the existing distributors network and strengthened our sales force with strategic partnerships far away from our head office, i.e. efficient and well-established commercial partners, particularly in the area of Lyon.

BOBINOV can propose its services abroad with selected partners if allowed by our contracts.

BOBINOV expertise :  winding – rewinding -  expansion shafts – expanding chucks – engineering of slitting -  industrial blades  – web inspection  - automatic inspection of defects – edge crack detection  -  sheet break detection  -  film and coating thickness measurement – marking systems  – antistatic and electrostatic treatment  –  dust removal  - web cleaning  - roll saver   -  reel handling  - reel and web quality control  - tension control -  air brakes  - core cutting machine  - slitter rewinders  -  rollers and cylinders coverings with rubber or different types of coatings  - cooling cylinders  - heating cylinders  - spreaders.