• Expertise in equipments and solutions for the production and processing of flexible materials.
    For new machines or to upgrade existing machines.
  • Partnership with leading suppliers of following industries : paper, plastic film and other flexible materials.
  • Engineering solutions and standard equipments dedicated to the particularities of our industries.


BOBINOV is specialized in the supply of equipments for the production and processing of soft and flexible materials.

Our machines, components and accessories are dedicated to a diverse range of industries including  : paper, cardboard, plastic films, non woven, rubber, textile, metallic  foils, printing.

Most of our activity takes places where industries use reels of flexible materials. However we are also involved in alternative markets and thus can provide solutions to such issues as static electricity, measurement of varnish thickness, coating and even cutting by industrial blades.

BOBINOV was founded in 2000 and since then we’re active on the whole French market.  At the forefront of innovation, we are steadily developing the range of technical solutions and/or new products to adapt to customers needs.

We are known for our capacity in providing reliable solutions with high quality equipments. We cooperate in such way with selected and recognized leading companies in their area of expertise in order to offer tailor-made solutions or standard equipments.

We equip new machines and upgrade existing machines to enhance productivity, cost savings and quality.

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